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lip fillers Cheshire

Lip Fillers Cheshire – Dermal fillers are hugely popular for enhancing the features of the face, adding volume, hydration and definition for a more youthful appearance. Lip fillers are one of the most popular treatments here at Inspire Cosmetic Surgeons in Cheshire and 2020 looks to beat all records of the number of patients who flock to us for this treatment. Mr Fiore is one of the world’s leading masters on lip augmentation using temporary hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers and we are proud to offer this treatment with this highly-experienced medical professional.

HA is a naturally occurring sugar within the body which is responsible for lubrication and hydration. It is found in the eyes, skin, connective tissues and in the joints. As we age, HA is depleted over time and this can lead to thinner lips which lack fullness and hydration. Lip fillers will also break down naturally in the body over time, but some of the collagen-promoting effects last long after the filler has dissolved.

Lip fillers are becoming increasingly popular, to:

  • Balance out the top and bottom lips
  • Improve the definition of the lip, including the Cupid’s Bow
  • Add hydration to the lips
  • Balance the proportions of the whole face
  • Get the pout you’ve always wanted

Lip fillers Cheshire – choose safety and experience

Lip enhancement and rejuvenation takes years of expertise and an artistic eye, as well as the relevant medical qualifications and follow-on training to perfect this procedure. At Inspire Cosmetic Surgeons we ensure that you attend an initial consultation with Mr Fiore, to discuss what you’re looking for by means of results and the realistic results you can expect, as well as checking your medical history and examining your facial features as a whole and not just the shape of your lips. This first meeting is vital for Mr Fiore to get to know you and for you to understand the processes involved with this procedure.

Using a product which is approved, safe and has a proven track record for safety and efficacy is extremely important, not only to achieve the most beautiful results, but as our duty of care for your health and wellbeing. There are many dermal fillers on the market in the UK (around 150 brands) and many counterfeit products which can be imported by less scrupulous clinics and even non-medical professionals. At Inspire we use one of the most trusted and prestigious brands in the world, Juvaderm® by pharmaceutical giant, Allergan. This ensures a pure, safe and tested product for optimum safety and superb results time-after-time.

What is a lip filler treatment like?

During a treatment using dermal fillers for the lips, Mr Fiore will sterilise the area, after using a topical numbing cream where necessary. In most cases, he will then use an instrument called a cannula which is inserted into the skin and then passed into the area of the lips requiring enhancement. A cannula is a blunt-ended needle, which helps to glide around vessels and veins, thus reducing bruising. The cannula is usually guided either around the outside edge of the lips (the vermillion border) or in the body of the lips. Sometimes, if a significant enhancement is required, both areas will be injected with the HA gel-like substance. Once the procedure is finished, a cool compress may be used to avoid any bruising and help to minimise any swelling.

You may experience some tenderness, swelling and slight bruising after your treatment. This is quite normal and will subside in a couple of days. You can minimise these side-effects by taking arnica a week before your treatment, avoiding hot saunas, showers and baths and avoiding pain relief such as Ibuprofen, after your procedure. Taking paracetamol, however, is fine and recommended to help with any soreness in the lip area after treatment.

Bespoke results take time…

Results can be seen immediately and you’ll see the optimum results around a fortnight after your treatment, when the product has had time to settle and to integrate with your own tissues.

It’s important at this point to understand that here at Inspire Cosmetic Surgeons, we do not believe in a ‘quick fix’ approach to dermal filler treatments for the lips.

We aim to provide a bespoke treatment and do not charge by the amount of product used, as some clinics do (not £ per ml, but the price per treatment!). We also don’t expect to achieve the end result with just one treatment, in some cases. We believe that in taking a conservative approach and multiple appointments, we can give you a more pleasing result and monitor progress much more accurately than simply injecting a fixed amount on the first sitting. Therefore, if you are one of these cases, it will be beneficial for you to be a little patient and expect to return 2, if not 3 times before your desired outcome is achieved.

Dermal fillers in the lips can last anything up to a year. As with all injectable treatments, your individual metabolism, lifestyle choices and environmental factors will determine the longevity of your results. However, Juvaderm® is renowned for its longevity and has been designed to last; so you can expect maximum results with this product.

Looking for Lip Fillers in Cheshire? Try Inspire Cosmetic Surgeons

Lips that have been enhanced using dermal fillers can offer a youthful, plump pout and here at Inspire Cosmetic Surgeons, Mr Fiore’s expertise, care and artistic flair will ensure that you will achieve stunning, natural-looking results for many months to come.

Contact us today to book your no-obligation consultation with Mr Fiore. We look forward to welcoming you to our luxury Cheshire cosmetic clinic soon.

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