Dermal fillers: How to find the right doctor for me

Dermal fillers are now administered by literally thousands of medical practitioners all over the UK and it can be difficult to decipher how to choose a reputable, safe and experienced one by trawling the internet alone. At Inspire Cosmetic Surgeons in Hale, Cheshire, we are fortunate enough to welcome the expertise and extensive experience of Mr Fiore, a cosmetic surgeon and fully-trained cosmetic doctor, who has been administering injectable anti-ageing treatments for decades.

However, if you need some help to make the right choice, we can offer you some key advice on selecting the right doctor for you.

Make sure you use an experienced medical professional

Although the world of dermal fillers is self-regulated and beauticians can essentially be trained to inject them, there should be no compromise when it comes to your safety and the efficacy of treatment you receive.

All too often we see patients come to us who have been to non-medically trained practitioners, who have taken a one day course to be able to use a needle and they need our medical team to correct, dissolve or treat a ‘bad filler job’. Injecting the facial anatomy with a substance requires an in-depth knowledge of the facial anatomy, the blood vessels, veins, arteries, nerves and ligaments that lie under the surface of your skin and within the facial muscles.

NO beauty-trained professional will have the many years of education and experience to be able to rival a medic in this capacity. They will also probably not be equipped with the materials or knowledge to handle any unforeseen circumstances, should they occur and let’s face it, they probably will more frequently with a non-medical injector. People have been permanently disfigured by unscrupulous and poorly-trained practitioners claiming to be educated in this way.

Don’t take the risk or be someone’s guinea pig! Leave the needle work to the medical professionals and choose a well-versed doctor, dentist, surgeon or practising senior nurse prescriber to administer your dermal filler treatment.

Ensure you have a pre-treatment, no-obligation consultation

Any aesthetic or cosmetic doctor, surgeon or practitioner worth their sort will insist on an initial meeting and examination prior to any treatment being administered. You should be given all the relevant advice, have your medical history checked over and be able to discuss your own requirements, concerns and expectation.

Ideally, you should be given a cooling-off period in order to decide whether the treatment is right for you. NEVER be coerced or pushed into making a decision on the day. Every medical professional has a duty of care to ensure your confidence and safety and this is taken very seriously. Good practice is to arm you with all the information and knowledge you need to make an informed decision about whether dermal fillers would be right for you.

Make sure you know which products are used

It’s important to know the product that is going to be administered for your dermal filler treatment, as there are literally hundreds of dermal fillers on the market, some more proven and tested than others.

Mr Fiore only uses the very best brands with the highest quality hyaluronic acid (HA), including JUVEDERM® by the globally recognised pharmaceutical giant, Allergan. HA is a naturally occurring substance found in the joints, eyes, skin and connective tissues. Using the very best HA assists in keeping the skin plump, hydrated and restoring lost volume. So make sure whoever you choose, they are using a tried, tested and reputable brand.

Ensure you are in a clinical environment

It’s important when undergoing any injectable, non-surgical treatment that you are in a clean and medically governed location. At Inspire Cosmetic Surgeons we are regulated by the GMC and adhere to all guidelines, so you can rest assured you will be treated in confidence and made to feel secure, safe and in a clean and well-kept environment.

Make sure you’re offered a follow-up appointment

After your treatment, you want to make sure that you are given the opportunity to book a second appointment for a post-procedure assessment at around 2 weeks. This will give the product the opportunity to settle and any swelling or bruising that may (rarely) occur to dissipate. It’s at this stage that you can discuss with Mr Fiore whether you feel a top-up is necessary and the longevity of the results that have been achieved. You may also wish to discuss further treatments and book them in the calendar.

Your journey with us here at Inspire Cosmetic Surgeons doesn’t end when your initial treatment does. To achieve the very best results, Mr Fiore will want to assess your face and ensure there is no obvious asymmetry, as well as suggest a plan to maintain the beautiful results he has achieved for you.

Dermal filler treatment in Cheshire at Inspire Cosmetic Surgeons

At Inspire Cosmetic Surgeons we are dedicated to your care and ultimate happiness when it comes to the results we offer with dermal fillers and Mr Fiore would be delighted to welcome you to consultation for dermal filler treatment in our Manchester clinic.

Contact us today to find out more, or to book your appointment.

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